Blubonic Industries 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Manufactured under the strictest conditions and tested at 35.000% +/- .001% by a Stanford University chemist using computer-controlled titration. Contains 35% concentration by volume, the highest level permitted and recommended for handling, with great care. Containers are peristaltic-filled, hermetically vacuum-sealed, 'Safe-gard' tamper-evident, poly bag sealed, FDA compliant, food-grade, and chemically compatible with 35% hydrogen peroxide.


What is Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?
Composed of only WATER and OXYGEN, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is the most effective oxidizer known to science. Food grade refers to the standard of handling and quality set by the Food Chemical Codex.

Purity: Blubonic adheres to the most exacting standards of the Food Chemical Codex, providing true, stabilizer-free food-grade hydrogen peroxide. We manufacture and package in a registered and inspected facility. All USA-made components and great attention to detail ensure the highest degree of purity. 


*It's a common misconception that 'food-grade' equates to 'chemical-free'. Ask any manufacturer of food-grade hydrogen peroxide and they'll tell you; chemical stabilizers are used in the manufacturing of ALL commercially available food-grade hydrogen peroxide. While others repackage and rebrand commercially bought food-grade peroxide, we are a food-grade hydrogen peroxide manufacturer, enabling us to manufacture in-house, completely free of chemical stabilizers, providing unmatched purity and freshness.


Storage/shelf life: Removal of airtight seal or refrigeration is recommended within 10 days of receipt to prevent expansion of the container from oxygen buildup. If expansion occurs, the seal can be safely pierced without any adverse reaction and the container will return to its normal state. Since the cap is not completely airtight, no further bleeding is required. Refrigeration or freezer storage is preferred but not required. Decomposition of 35% hydrogen peroxide occurs at a significantly prolonged rate of approximately 1% every 6 years refrigerated or in freezer storage, and 1% every 4 months unrefrigerated. Because it's composed of only water and oxygen it decomposes into water, so over time while the concentration level slowly reduces, the efficacy remains intact. Containers ship within five days of manufacturing to ensure exceptional freshness. Manufacturing and 'best by' dates are labeled on container.


Containment: The packaging of hydrogen peroxide is essential to ensure that it retains its properties. The construction material recommended for the storage of hydrogen peroxide in concentrations up to 50% is high-density polyethylene. Glass may be used to store small volumes with a dropper for convenience; however, glass can have small amounts of alkali metal ions dissolved in it. When hydrogen peroxide is exposed to trace amounts of metal or metal ions, it decomposes, turning back into water. This effect would be negligible on short-term storage in small volumes like a 1 oz dropper bottle. For primary containment, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) provides the most stable surface; this is the type of container we use. 

Usage: Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is a natural compound used for many purposes, so we don't provide usage expertise or application-specific information. We include basic handling, precautionary, and dilution information.


Dilution: When diluting for short or long-term storage, always use distilled water. All other water types contain trace elements and minerals that react with and degrade hydrogen peroxide.


Safety: Causes skin and eye burns undiluted. Use gloves when handling to avoid contact. Keep out of reach of children. Triple-sealed (cap, tamper-evident, poly bag) for quality assurance and leakage prevention.


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Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. 


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35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2

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  • About the product

    • 💧 Stabilizer-free, Pure Oxygen & Water: The fact is, chemical stabilizers are used in the manufacturing of ALL commercially available food-grade hydrogen peroxide. While others repackage and rebrand commercially bought food-grade peroxide, we're a food-grade hydrogen peroxide manufacturer, ensuring a true stabilizer-free product with unmatched purity, strength, and freshness                                                                
    • 💥 It Works! Considered the most effective oxidizer known to science, it's the ultimate sanitizer, cleaner, and homeopathic remedy. Safe for use diluted on and around people, pets, and food. Countertops, cutting boards, fruit/veggie wash and shelf-life extender, meat, fish, plants, laundry, baby, stains, oral hygiene, teeth whitening, toothbrush, ears, throat, feet, skin, itching, rash, bumps, warts, spots, discolorations, acne, first-aid, breathing devices, bath...                                                                                     
    • 🛡️ Triple-sealed for quality assurance and leakage prevention                                                                         
    • ✔️ Made in the USA: Santa Monica, CA                                                       
    • 🌿 A Homegrown Brand: Since 1999, family-owned and operated, Blubonic Industries is proud to be the food-grade hydrogen peroxide brand of choice in professional, alternative medicine, and homeopathic communities