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Blubonic High Purity Food-grade d-Limonene is 100% pure, organic, NOTHING ADDED. High Purity d-Limonene is double-vacuum distilled from pure cold-pressed orange oil resulting in an extremely pure and clean product. Conversely, technical-grade d-Limonene is steam distilled from the left-over peels, so food-grade is superior regardless of application. This is the highest purity available (tests >98.9%+) and completely clear (see images, we use clear PET bottles, the ONLY plastic compatible with pure d-Limonene). Best deal on the best quality!

What is d-Limonene?

D-Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from the rinds of oranges and is considered the most effective natural solvent and degreaser known to science. Applications include grease, oil, tar, adhesives, tree sap, gum, crayon, wax, asphalt, graffiti, blood, grass, soap scum, scuff marks, stickers. *Test to avoid damage. In alternative medicine, backed by substantial studies, d-Limonene is used to treat numerous conditions (generally, oral dosages are put into a beverage). 100% natural, organic/no synthetic chemicals, non-toxic, FDA approved, biodegradable, safe for human consumption. Note: do not use on cats directly; unlike other animals and humans, many essential oils can be toxic to cats.


High purity food-grade d'Limonene can be used diluted or undiluted. You may simply blend with water and shake; however, it will quickly separate unless a surfactant of some kind is added (i.e., soap). Food-grade d'Limonene is a natural compound used for many different purposes, so we don’t provide usage expertise or application-specific information. We include basic handling, precautionary, and dilution information











D'Limonene HP (Highest Purity) Food-Grade Orange Oil Solvent and Medicinal

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  • About the product

    • Highest purity available. Uncompromising quality food-grade d-Limonene. Made in USA, Florida.
    • Packaged under the strictest conditions. Bottles are approved, Safe-Gard tamper-evident, hermetically sealed PET, and impervious to d-Limonene
    • Double vacuum distilled from pure cold-pressed orange oil.
    • Family owned and operated since 1999.